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The government has published its official response to last year’s Taylor Report on working practices and in particular the emerging ‘gig economy’.
 This refers to where companies require working on a freelance, per-job basis, rather than being offered permanent work.
The report had called for more rights and protections for those working in the gig economy with more clarity and transparency over status as worker, employee or self-employed. 
There is a conflict between supporters of the flexibility of the gig economy, the increased use of zero-hours contracts, the growing number of people declaring themselves self-employed, and those concerned about more workers with minimal rights.
This is a complex issue however and the government’s response is to launch a range of consultations examining options, which may include new legislation. This is with the aim of making it easier for all parties to understand whether someone is an employee, worker or self-employed.
The government has also stated that it intends that companies who breach workers’ rights will face higher fines in future and that employee rights to sick pay and holiday pay will be enforced by HM Revenue & Customs. 
We will keep you informed of further developments and any changes for employers.


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